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SEIRAN: Latest Single 'Dismember' | REVIEW

ICYMI: The Aussie/ Japanese metalcore band Seiran have released their second single Dismember as a follow up tune from The Void which has just hit 10k plays on Youtube and Spotify in the last 24 hours. First of all congrats on the 10k, and secondly another single release calls for another Moody Music review of the band’s new track.

Dismember starts off gentler than The Void, which I love because of the sunrise aural ambience this track opens with, the warm up intro in the song is similar to Linkin Park’s track I’ll Be Gone off the Living Things 2012 album.

Seiran is no stranger to bleghs in their music and Dismember is full of them. Even in the first 30 seconds there’s a ‘spilling your guts out BLEGHHHHHH!’, before amping up the song with electric guitar work.

The scream vocals are very much along the same path as artists such as Bloom and Stepson, but with the electronic influence of Melbourne 7-piece metalcore band Frontier Season. The lead up to the breakdown at the 2:30 mark is as epic as Alpha Wolf’s “watch the bodies drop” breakdowns in Akumada, which is to die for.

One thing I love about Seiran is the dynamic use of their scream and clean vocals. Dismember is not a demonic possession track full of just purely blood curdling screams, instead Seiran show off their sound in a roller coaster sense full of ups and downs mixed with musical bends and curves- it is a track that takes you through a musical journey.

Seiran also released a music video along with the single Dismember, which encapsulates like a 90’s nu metal post hardcore nostalgic aesthetic, which again I’m going to mention Linkin Park (because I love them), it’s in the same style as early LP, and currently a visual portrayal as Melbourne hardcore band The Last Martyr and their current rebranded look we all saw on the release of Hindsight earlier this year.

The technological aspect (visually with the cube, logo, countdown, tv static) is really well representative of the band in the music video to match their sound, this is a satisfying connection of the band staying true to their colours.

Make sure to check out Seiran and their new track Dismember and give them a follow on their Socials if your feeling friendly *wink*

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