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Warning this blog is not for the fainthearted! So what we like to blast our music a little bit louder, play it a little bit angrier and chuck in a scream every now and again. Grab your eyeliner, favourite band T-shirt and most ripped pair of skinny jeans. If you are a mosh pitter, crowd surfer, row boater, head banger or wall of deather, you have just found your new happy place!

This blog aims to promote and support artists and musicians in the more heavier and rebellious genres of music in the pop-punk, rock and metal  music scenes by sharing their music and discussions to the online community.

This blog is operated by Jessica and created in 2020, in Melbourne Australia. You'll have to forgive my funny accent or if I write things in a strange way.

Note* if you are reading this blog from overseas, yes drop bears are real, and we do ride kangaroos to school and work when the cars don't start.

about the



Hey there! My name is Jessica (23) and you are currently feasting your eyes upon my blog!

I have completed a Bachelor of Media and Communications in Melbourne Australia, majoring in both Social Media and Public Relations. I'm currently studying a Masters of Media and Comms.

My love for punk pop music is not "just a phase", it's a lifestyle (clearly). My music journey started after buying my first CD (Avril Lavinge, Let Go), and then not soon after finding my teenage vibe in Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Linkin Park.


After attending Download Festival 2018, and waiting 6 and a half hours at the front to see Good Charlotte play (worth it!), and volunteering at Unify Gathering 2020, my music tastes have just started dipping into heavier bands.

I wanted to share my love and passion for pop-punk and heavy music to our surprisingly really nice and friendly community by starting this blog.

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