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SEIRAN: debut single 'The Void' | REVIEW

Lately I’ve noticed that there has been a theme with bands and the word ‘VOID’. As an example, there’s been Void Of Vision’s recent release of their Hyperdaze (Redux) album and White Void dropping two new singles, but let me ask you this… have you listened to The Void?

The Void is the debut single of Australian x Japanese metalcore band SEIRAN which dropped just a few days ago, and if you haven’t listened to it get prepared, because SEIRAN come out swinging! and by ‘swinging’, I don’t mean with just like a normal baseball bat, it’s more like with that baseball bat full of nails that Neegan has on the tv show The Walking Dead.

The absolute best parts of The Void have to be the BLEGH! at the 40 second mark, the powerful song introduction, and the chorus. The Void has been constructed in a way which is similar to a roller coaster, but instead of highs and lows, the contrasts are within the vocals, you hear cleaner vocals on the chorus, making SEIRAN’s new track 100% audience and stage friendly for fans to sing along and also scream their guts out.

The Void’s artistic style is in the same musical bookshelf as other heavy artists such as Alpha Wolf and Polaris. There is also a video game-like aesthetic that is underlying the track, this diversity of sound elements is similar to other young heavy metalcore artists such as Frontier Season and Earthbound.

SEIRAN is the type of fresh ambitious band that could easily be apart of a metalcore festival line up in the near future, just like Download Festival (if it comes back to Australia with or without My Chemical Romance (who, for the record didn’t really fit the Download Fest. genre line-up, but hey who wouldn’t want to hear Welcome to the Black Parade live?)).

This band is definetly one to watch and keep tabs on, The Void is just the start to SEIRAN’s new reign and also the first taste of their upcoming EP set to be released later this year.



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