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FRONTIER SEASON: Wasteland | Single Review

What’s better than Snow White and the seven dwarfs? How about Melbourne having a metalcore band with 7 members and a Moody Music REVIEW about their new song?! Frontier Season are back with their eco-inspired track Wasteland which attacks the concept of greed and selfishness being the reason of why the planet is so f*cked up! David Attenbrough would probably approve of this track’s mission.

Wasteland as a track is very interesting, it’s a journey and it takes you on an experience. With having 7 band members, Frontier Season have said previously in a Moody Music interview when they released Ambivalent a few months ago, that the band is very diverse in their music tastes, and I think that Wasteland is a perfect example of that.

My musical interpretation of Wasteland is a hybrid of Midnight Oil’s eco vibe mission, Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party/ Transformers soundtrack- rock with technological influence (Yes, I know The Hunting Party also has a similarly titled track called Wastelands, but for Frontier Season their track resembles Until It’s Gone or maybe even a little bit of Final Masquerade off that Linkin Park 2014 album), I also found their song to include a bit of an Aussie hip-hop Bliss N Eso/ Hilltop Hoods style prevalent in there, and what is ridiculously possibly my favourite part… an Egyptian sounding guitar solo. You just need to listen out for that guitar solo, I swear Ra, Anubis, and Bastet would have been jamming to this song back in the day.

It’s no joke, when I say Frontier Season will take you on a journey with this new track!

This new song has some bounce to it, there’s some nice tight-nit melodic guitar work featured, as a whole I would say this song is very ‘woke’ in expression and meaning. Pre-pandemic I feel like the world was on a really good solid track for sustainability, then of course the pandemic hit and everyone went back to single use plastics and materials, of course for hygiene reasons eg. masks and takeaway containers. I like that this track draws attention back to sustainability awareness as everyone is now a bit rusty with their environmental habits.

Wasteland has confrontational lyrics embedded in the track, even just the opening few lines are a hit in the face, ‘Take a look around / tell me what you see / a world in ruins is our home to be’. The best vocal performance in the whole song is at that 3:13 mark after the Egyptian guitar solo (I’m sorry but Egyptian guitar solo sounds so funny!). The vocals are strong, they are clear and they are powerful, and the lull in music really draws attention to the lyrics that follow into the chorus ‘you wanted it all but it wasn’t enough / I needed the world and I never give up / WAKE UP WAKE UP / Welcome to the wasteland’.

Usually Frontier Season write lyrics related to mental health, but this time the band are diversifying their lyrics to portray a different message through their melting pot of genres on their new track Wasteland.



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