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Counting Down to the Best Track off Yours Truly's 'Self Care' debut album | Review

Yours Truly’s debut album ‘Self Care’ came out with perfect timing for Self-Care-September. This album shows some serious vulnerability from Yours Truly in complete pop-punk style. Cue the tight guitars, banging drums and tough vocals, as this week we countdown to the #1 best track off ‘Self Care’. So, grab a tea or a wine and get ready for some real Yours Truly style.

Here we go…

#10 Vivid Dream (track 4)

This song sound’s like soft punk and it doesn’t feel as thrilling to listen to compared to the other tracks on the record. Vivid Dream sounds more like a background song, easy and pleasant to listen to but doesn’t make you want to check the song title on Spotify or other streaming services.

#9 Together (track 3)

I am probably going to be hated, but I found that Together is a good song, however it’s just not as stand-out or as strong as other songs on this album. Which is very weird to put this song in at #9 (believe me I know it’s strange haha) even though Together was one of the singles pre-album release. This might be because it follows Composure, and the songs listened in track order sound fairly similar. Although the short guitar solo definitely is the point of difference between Together and Composure.

#8 Funeral Home (track 7)

This track shows a darker side to Yours Truly, it gives off a misty cemetery vibe with an added sense of drama within the lyrics. I like how there is an opportunity for audience participation of clapping in one specific section in Funeral Home. This would be very interesting to see how the crowd would react to this song at gigs.

#7 Half Of Me (track 9)

Half Of Me sounds like a lot of wines went into the song! It has got that late night, slightly buzzed, maybe having a self care bubble bath kind of aura about this song. Half Of Me is the most acoustic song on the album, closely followed by Composure. This song is extremely dramatic and vulnerable, Mikaela’s lyrics pour out of her soul making Half Of Me a deep track.

#6 Siamese Souls (track 1)

This song is bright and bouncy, it sets the tone for the rest of the album with a sense of comfort combined with a pop-punk snarl of attitude. The guitars and drums work well together and play off each other really well making the track elements stand out to their full potential.

#5 Undersize (track 5)

I’ll admit it, this track is borderline in country, it’s a very raw stripped back track. Again, I love the theme of vulnerability within this whole album, it makes it so relatable to everyone. The violins that feature on Undersize is a nice touch, and rhythmically this song is very short and sweet. This song would be great to have as an acoustic mini section during a show, it’s a mellow and relaxed song.

#4 Glass House (track 8)

Glass House is a fast paced song and feels like it has a sense of urgency about it, the guitars are fast and hard. Overall, this song is full of slight anger, frustration and fragility like you’re about to break.

Let’s get into the top 3 best tracks off Self Care!

#3 Composure (track 2)

This song is in true pop-punky style! Accompanied with flawless vocals and tough growling lyrics like ‘You’re miserable without me now’. Composure is a bouncy track and makes you want to get up off your ass and join a dancing mosh pit. The song doesn’t feel overcrowded, it’s nice hearing all of the levels and structures of things song, including tight guitar, extensive drum and controlled vocals.

#2 Ghost (track 6)

Ghost is more on the punk rock side of things because it’s an absolute head banger of a tune! The concept of feeling “see-through” like a ghost, is a very easily relatable lyric. I think fans will resonate with the lyrics and emotion of this song, because everyone or most people have felt invisible at least once in their life. Ghost is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album, it’s a present timely song.

Can I get a drum roll please before we head into the #1 song off Yours Truly’s Self Care album?

*insert drum roll here*

#1 Heartsleeve (track 10)

The build up in this Heartsleeve is… I want to say ‘grand’ haha as in large or belting. This song has an intense build up with so many elements at play, including ranging vocals of soft to strong, the bashing drums, and fast ticking guitars, Heartsleeve feels like it has a touch of Paramore in there. It’s a very bold song, I like the direction Yours Truly takes in this track. It’s a shame that Heartsleeve is the last track on Self Care, but it does leave fans on a cliff hanger to see what Yours Truly does next.

And that, Punks and Punkettes was a countdown to the best track off Yours Truly’s 'Self Care' album, which is out right now! And in my personal opinion, YES, it is a great album to dye your hair teal too! (Me on release day haha). Go suss out Yours Truly's 'Self Care'.

Yours Truly are

Mikaila VOCALS


Lachlan GUITAR

Bradley DRUMS

SELF CARE track-listing

1. Siamese Souls

2. Composure

3. Together

4. Vivid Dream

5. Undersize

6. Ghost

7. Funeral Home

8. Glass Houses

9. Half Of Me

10. Heartsleeve

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