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Just in time for road-trip season, Indie-Punk vocalist Luke Seymoup and The Moup Group have released a new upbeat tune called Maple Road. The song centers on the story of Luke and fellow musician Joe Guiton getting lost on the Aussie Roads back in 2015. The colourful chorus compares the situation to ‘how horror movies start’. Thank goodness they didn’t come across Mick Taylor on the roads YIKES! #wolfcreek.

In addition to The Seymoup band’s previous single Serengetti being written as a ballad and tribute to the Aus local music scene, Maple Road picks up some speed and bounce while also continuing on the focus of bringing music out of the city to country towns, as Luke told me during our interview about Serengeti a few weeks ago (Blog Post or watch our chat below on YouTube)

Luke has said that the song is based on a previous experience where, “after a series of poor directions and wrong turns, the two found themselves stranded in the unknown wilds of rural Victoria”, speaking about himself and musician friend Joe Guiton getting lost on the roads during a 2015 tour in Sydney.

This track encompasses indie-punk and I would even add a slight nod to the country and pop genres. It’s a bouncy tune! Maple Road would probably be best compared to the band’s Halloween tribute song Knife, as both are super catchy and quirky. Maple Road is a lot less weirder than Knife, I do have permission from Luke to say that Knife is weird haha, it adds to the uniqueness.

You can hear in this song and all of Luke’s previous music that he is a storyteller, and this is where I really think it shines through his music in an indie spirit format. There’s a country/ indie vibe, but the lyrics are deep and meaningful just like in punk music, there’s a point in the story.

Expanding on this song lyrically, Maple Road’s chorus is funny and quirky, which truly shows the performing character side of frontman Luke Seymoup- like this guy had a Seinfeld impression going on during a Get Folked punk livestream during lockdown a few months ago.


Shit I don’t know where we are /

This is how horror movies start/

Those lines are just so comical, how can that not make you smile? Also, the fact that it’s such a relatable conversation you would have with your friends on a banter filled roadtrip, brings some light hearted humanity to the music.

Maple Road is the 7th single to be released by Luke Seymoup and the Moup Group, leading up to their highly anticipated second full-length album Tales of Suburban Angst, due for a 2022 summer release.



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