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KNIGHT & DAY FEST 2021-22 | Moody Music Review

Was anybody else super stoked about Knight & Day Festival kicking off 2022? You know, one of the few festivals that has actually happened in the last 2 years. To keep up these happy vibes until we can do it all again at the next fest, let’s talk about some of the highlights from NYE at the Castle, and which artists you should keep your eyes on in 2022.

First off, I wanna say that it was so good to be back into a festival environment. My musical element Offt! And yes, the people look like thugs and punks to the mainstream population, but in reality it’s the most beautiful and friendly af community.

I do want to mention the bands that sadly had to drop out of Knight & Day (K&D) Fest. due to corona-situations. Moment of silence for: Clay J Gladstone, Fangz, The Gloom In The Corner, Bad Moon Born, and Thy Art Is Murder. Thank you to Tapestry, Antagonist A.D, and Lune for stepping up and filling in some sets (I think I’ve got everyone).

Right, let’s chat about some


Mirrors - did not disappoint

Mirrors was a band I was really excited to see, and my first live impression of this band was “Damn Mirrors do not disappoint!”. Seeing that this band would be playing their just released debut album The Ego’s Weight, I was a little bit worried whether Mirrors were going to actually sound like Mirrors, just because of the vocal power from frontman Patty. My concern was whether this album was amped up in the studio recording.

BUT, I’M HAPPY TO REPORT that Mirrors slayed their set aurally and visually! That power, heart and strength from Mirrors and their music really projected nicely on the festival setting.

This band was underestimated in the K&D line up, they could have easily played later in the day leading up to the Day 1 festival headliner, Polaris.

Speaking of Polaris…

Polaris - the wait was worth it

Ever since I was mind-blown’d/ amazed/ in awe of Polaris’ set at Unify Gathering 2020, I had been dying to catch this band in action again. Of course a pandemic had to happen after mine and I’m sure many other people’s discovery of Polaris. Although, Jamie did not have that bright red and blue ski jacket on the K&D stage (which made it so much easier to watch him at Unify, that guy does not mess around, he moves and bounces like a crazy dog on stage - Super Excited AF to be there), Polaris was worth the wait. This band are incredible performers, and got the chance to show off their The Death of Me 2020 album. Assemble the Masochists!

Void of Vision - anyone got a spare boat?

Void are a pretty popular name amongst the hardcore streets of Melbourne. Their set included what possibly may have been the biggest row-boat mosh pit of the festival. It was hilarious and actually shows the community and quirk of the punters at the festival perfectly. Unlike traditional mosh pits, row boat mosh pits are a ‘calmer’ alternative especially for those who are convinced they would be squashed in a mosh pit (like me!).

Parkway Drive - 2021 you’re fucking done

I don’t know what is more satisfying… 2021 finally being over with, or Parkway Drive’s NYE speech rhyming “2021 You’re fucking done!”. Parkway really brought in the New Year in style with fireworks, and don’t forget the spinning drum kit.

The Beautiful Monument - with a beautiful dynamic

The Beautiful Monument always have such a great energy and band dynamic while performing. There is particularly a strong relationship, like a Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins kind of vibe, between vocalist Lizi and bassest Amy.

The Getaway Plan - THAT Song

If you’ve ever been to any emo parties before, you would have been waiting for THAT song, which is Where the City Meets the Sea, if you don’t recognise the name, look it up. I can 99% guarantee that you will know and love that iconic alt tune.

Drastic Park - bringing the Heat

I don’t know if it was purposely done, but Drastic Park starting their set with Meltdown was such a good choice, because it was so fucking hot in the inside stage! The vibe of the room was very intimate and supportive, filled with friends and family. This band has a wholesome following from a very loving scene. Their set also featured a sneaky moshpit or two, and also Cassie from Terra taking the stage in the Drastic x Cassie collab Work of Art.

I did wish that there wasn’t a 100 cap that day on the inside stage. I get that it was for venue requirements keeping everyone spaced and safe, but newcomers of Drastic Park would have been stuck outside with their ears glued to the door, or trying to parkour via a window.

Chasing Ghosts - Welcome to Country

Chasing Ghosts frontman Jimmy was the absolute best person and representative to give the Welcome to Country. For Moody Music readers outside of Australia, for us a Welcome to Country is an acknowledgment speech for the traditional owners of the land, this includes past, present and emerging. It’s just a speech that is given for respect to the Indigenious community).

Jimmy’s Welcome to Country was the most captivating speech I’ve ever seen. It was passionate, engaging and one of the key messages was educating and opening that conversation of inclusivity of race and gender, using the example of a festival as a great way to change attitudes and create a more positive outlook to better society.

Clowns - Taking a Political Dig at Gladys

One band had to do it… and when you get the chance to spread a message on a stage, you just gotta do it. That’s exactly what Clowns did. Their stage back-drop banner was a psychedelic Gladys Berejiklian masterpiece calling out the NSW government regarding the debate surrounding free pill testing at festivals.

Trophy Eyes - Can Always Count on Them to Play Sad Songs

John is the beautiful gentle giant of Trophy Eyes. I saw his solo show at The Chapel a few weeks ago and the first half an hour was pure chatting to the crowd in storytelling comedy skit style, before playing a few tracks. I legit think John’s spirit animal is that dog from Up, ya know, Obsessed with squirrels?!?

I was actually surprised that there were more music than talking on a Trophy Eyes set, I hadn’t seen the full band perform together before K&D, so that was a treat.

Trophy Eyes has become a growing favourite of mine particularly in these last few years, Chemical Miracle is a stunner of an album, and Breathe You In makes me melt every time- like oh my god someone just hold me and let me cry a little bit!

This band delivered their mission of playing sad songs that are disguised as happy ones. A huge highlight from the set was You Can Count On Me, with the whole crowd just pouring their hearts out singing and the burst of confetti was unexpected but also very exciting.



Paperweight could be the new definition of ‘RAWR’. This band are extreme bubblegum punk at it’s finest. K&D was Paperweight’s third show in the band’s whole history since forming during the pandemic.To be playing a festival main stage for their third show, is INSANE, just absolutely MAD.

Paperweight played a few new unreleased songs while on stage, one in particular really caught my… I wanna say eye, but it’s more like ear. Anyways, this band played a track called Scapegoat which has not been officially released onto the music streaming world yet. I do really believe that this track could be Paperweight’s ‘breakthrough’ song, you know, the song that brings Paperweight onto that next level of opportunities, whether it’s more festival stages, or headlining gigs (maybe some in interstate- ooh).

Future Static

Future Static, this band, wow what can I tell you about this band… besides them just being announced as sneaking onto the Unify stage in March 2022 as a result of being triple j Unearthed winners of the Unify comp to play (HUGE CONGRATS!).

But let’s talk about K&D and Future Static. I was super excited to see this band play on a festival stage after seeing them supporting the likes of The Last Martyr at Stay Gold during a Bonez Queer Party. I knew that front woman, Ami, has a massive stage presence, and can I just say that Future Static looked so comfortable and in their element on that K&D main stage. They weren’t just ‘Playing a set’, they were ‘creating an epic experience’, for their fans current and new as I’m sure an influx of new fans would have been stalking the bands socials after that 30 min set.


I’m going to make a prediction right here, right now. Windwaker will BLOW UP HUGE in the scene within the next five years. This band really surprised me and has left a great impression on myself and the crowd. Despite being such a young band with only 2 EP’s, 1 single and 1 cover on their resume, this band was built for the stage! The command of the crowd was electric, the vibe was fun and engaging. Windwaker looks like a band who loves what they do, just like Future Static! They have the same extra high performance attitude. Again it’s not a show, it’s an experience.

Windwaker are a band that needs to be on more festival bills. Only very few young bands can control a huge crowd of people at a time, and Windwaker’s performance at K&D proves that this band has potential to really make big moves in the next few years. Special mention to their ‘pop goes heavy’ cover of Brittany Spears Toxic, that was ridiculous of how on board the crowd got with the mosh pit and I’m pretty sure a wall of death happened as well. It was such a standout from the whole festival. I like the consideration of a cover for those people who were dragged as plus ones to the festival, like yes, let us convert you to the dark side of music.


I have this running joke with my friends that Lune is haunting me. This band seems to pop up EVERYWHERE! No Joke! They’ve supported Gravemind before, they jumped on Alphawolf’s tour for a bit, skunk onto K&D last minute, and have just been announced as a support for Polaris’ Vegabond regional tour. This band is un-escapable and it’s low key funny!

It’s no wonder why this band keeps popping up, they are actually really good. Lune opened Day 2 of K&D, and to see them on a festival stage setting was wild, they’ve got the strength and power in their band to take on a big stage. These boys had their big boy pants on! They came to play!

One really notable aspect of Lune’s set from K&D was Nathaniel’s vocals, there is something that is quite unique that this artist does that I’ve never come across in the metal scene before, which is, that instead of a bark of a blegh he does like a ‘wha-ah-ah-ah’, my best description would be a metalcore kookaburra (which I know sounds ridiculous). If there is a literal technical name for this, please someone let me know, or we will have to just start trending metalcore kookaburra in the scene.


That is all my moody friends. Make sure you check out these bands that are mentioned in this post, they are worth every minute of love and support you can give. Make sure that you are following Moody Music socials as well (There’s a Youtube and a TikTok y’all should have a suss).


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