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ALL REGARDS: Where Were You | Single Review

You know what! ‘Where Were You’ !? and YES that question is as confrontational and savage as it sounds, or at least this is the case with All Regards new single. This Melbourne Pop-Punk-Rock trio just released their second single last Friday, this track captures feelings of determination, growing band confidence and a little bit of experimentation with their music.

Where Were You is the follow up track from All Regards debut single Trainwreck that hit airwaves (or should it be stream-waves now?... anyways) the band burst out onto the scene with Trainwreck last year and they are back again with another really good tune!

First impressions of Where Were You, besides absolute happiness for the band to be releasing new music, I found the track to be really ‘determined’ in a confrontational sense. I would hate to be on the other side of the conversation that inspired Where Were You, like damn buddy All Regards just called you out! And I secretly love that! *insert smirking emoji*

This track carries on the slightly darker lyrical tone that All Regards has previous shown us in Trainwreck and mostly extends on their sound as a pop-punk band, but in particular Where Were You has a more of rock-y undertone. I would even weirdly say that there are glimpses of 80’s rock influence in this new song.

Musically as a band All Regards sound more confident in their new track, this trio feels like they are experimenting and extending on their sound. Where Were You opens really intensely and seriously with some simple guitar and a quiet drum build up until the chorus kicks in with full impact, and much like Trainwreck, All Regards are really good at writing, singing and playing choruses. So simple, yet catchy! “Where were you? When I need you / Where Were You? When I need you”.

I do feel like I should slightly expand on this track having a glimpse of 80’s rock influence, think of All Regards being a modern day child of INXS, particularly I could imagine All Regards covering INXS’ song Don’t Change and just nailing it! The integrity of Where Were You is a solid piece of work. Also, there’s an electric guitar solo in there that heavily impacts my 80’s impression haha, and that guitar power solo followed by Jeremy’s vocal power solo at the 1:45 mark is a huge highlight in this track.

In summary, (wow this kinda feels like an essay on how rad All Regards are haha) Where Were You is 100% a foot tapper, this track is full of kicking and screaming and not to mention it packs a punch! I am really excited to see how All Regards continues growing as a band with their music, they are definitely the sneaky ones to watch in this scene.

And IN CASE YOU MISSED IT I chatted to Jeremy, Mark and Ali from All Regards when they unleashed their debut single Trainwreck, check it out here

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