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SNARK: New Single 'Pressure' | REVIEW

Call the coastguards cause Snarky Snark are back with a Snark Attack! The Melbourne punk-rock trio Snark dropped their new track Pressure last week, and it could possibly be the band’s best song unleashed to date. Snark enlisted Darren of Kisschasy and Jack of Paradise Club to co-write and produce the new single.

Immediately when this song kicks off, Pressure opens with some strong Slowly Slowly Race Car Blues album vibes. Besides the Slowly Slowly influenced intro, Pressure also captures that classic punk rock spirit of a happy bouncy tune with the overlay of deep, dark and meaningful lyrics. This track is much like a rollercoaster, going up and down slightly transitioning from each verse and chorus flawlessly with the rhythm, the guitar solos and even the soft lull in the 2:30 mark before the song picks back up bouncing.

The track Pressure was co-written by Darren Cordeaux of Kisschasey, who also helped the band out with putting together their Imposter Syndrome EP, for which if you’ve just discovered Snark you can check out the Moody Music interview I conducted with the boys about that EP which was dropped this time-last year, heads up they are very chilled out skater dudes. Jack Newlyn of Paradise Club also helped produce Snark’s EP and latest single.

Special shoutout to the guitar solo at the 1:08 mark on Pressure. On the first listen personally it felt like a sped-up guitar solo that should be from Kings of Leon’s Only By The Night album from 2008. I think it would be a perfect addition to the KOL song Notion.

Snark have created a very catchy song, which might I risk-aly say could be their best release to date! Snarky Snark are growing up WAY too fast! These boys have delivered an incredible song which I think shows how much they are growing as artists, this track sounds much bigger than a 3-piece punk band from Melbourne, their presence is as huge as their beautiful personalities (friendly af). Snark are absolute gems!

‘Distance makes all the difference’ are incredibly catchy lyrics in the chorus, it just bounces around the mind, echoing. Frontman Stefan explains the meaning behind the track, “I wrote the song in the middle of Melbourne’s second, seemingly never ending lockdown, as all of life’s stresses really began to pile up and take a toll. I realised that without the outlet or release valve of time with friends and loved ones, I found myself crumbling. I channeled that hopelessness and frustration into this song, as well as a sense of longing for better times. I’m really hoping it can resonate with people and be as cathartic for them as it has been for me”, making Pressure a very relatable tune. Even though the song sounds like a long-distance-relationship track, it is about human relationships in general and the lack of those during lockdown.

Snark are Melbourne’s very own skater punk rock trio, who have played alongside bands such as Drastic Park, A New Way Home, Terra and Loose End. The band dropped their debut EP Imposter Syndrome this time last year so it feels pretty timely for Snark to pump out a new poppin’ tune.

SNARK ‘Pressure’ Single Launch

Melbourne// Saturday 14 August// Stay Gold

-> more details on their social media, Facebook Events for Tix

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