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Without Belief are without a doubt one the most honest and realest bands out on the market today. Expanding on their mission of “you are not alone” the Melbourne Prog Metal band have released not 1 but 2 new singles drawing attention to supporting mental health. It would be an absolute crime to let these singles slip through the cracks without a Moody Music Review, so sit your fine ass down and have a read.

*** WARNING this post talks about death and mental illness. If this post makes you upset or distressed please stop reading. Please look after yourself and your mental health and if needed reach out to services such as:

It's okay to not be okay, speak to someone, remember you have a huge community of friends and family who love you.


For those of you who are new to Without Belief, they are a band full of the nicest people Lovely Ralph, Moody Jake, and a couple of rescued band members from the now non-existent Stedfast, and they might also have a few other randoms they’ve on the street in there. BUT, don’t let this friendly collection of band members fool you! I assure you Ralph is full of the loudest BLEGHS, BARKS AND BREEEES.

Everlost and 19/08 are Without Belief’s new singles which were released simultaneously, or in other words it was ‘same day delivery’. These tunes are a part of the new chapters moving on from the band’s 2020 The Parting Gift EP and stand alone single Acceptance Pt.2 (The Prolonged Goodbye), shifting the band’s focus from grievance emotions to raising awareness of mental health issues with their music.

I want to say that their style is very much on the same shelf as Gravemind, Alphawolf and Vengeance, but maybe with a slightly more electric metalcore twist. Without Belief are definitely a modernised band with a few tricks hidden up their sleeves.

Everlost is a fast and heavy song. The use of guitars in this track opens the song in a speedy and urgent manner, throughout the song we hear some heavier played out strums and some more electronic guitar work thrown in there. I love the elemental layering in this track, you can hear every instrument, no one is competing with one another in this song, it’s balanced and takes you on an aural journey.

In a statement by Without Belief’s vocalist Ralph, he says that “Everlost as a song channels the emotions and dark approach to what people were thinking and feeling and how the mentality of someone can very quickly dip and how it can truly impact the human mind… I lost a sense of reality and home and felt very lost, and when 2020 rolled around with the lockdowns and the being without friends and family for months, the only voice and clarity I truly needed and wanted, was my Dad (who sadly passed away) to tell me it is going to be okay”.

Moving onto the other single 19/08, I think that personally I like this single more than Everlost. First thing that I noticed was you have to listen to this song WITH EARPLUGS IN (or headphones) just don’t play it out loud on a phone/laptop speaker, you will miss out on the full experience!

19/08 begins with guitars and drums playing in your left ear, then it switches to your right ear, then of course the song develops across ears to listen evenly. I really like the Left-then-Right effect in this track, it’s almost cheeky because it’s a playful technique that not many artists are producing at the moment. Another element that is very unique to the song is the French ‘announcement’ in the song about half way through. Now when I say ‘announcement’ picture it as being similar to the vocal attribution seen in Linkin Park’s The Radiance or Wretches and Kings, it’s like Without Belief are following Linkin Park’s method of creating an influential statement within their music. Again this song is very loaded and layered with multiple elements and instruments playing off each other.

Musically, 19/08 was written by fellow band member mastermind Jake Kershaw, and gets it’s name from the date 19/08/2020 for which Ralph emotionally describes it to be his “suicide note from 2020”, full of hate, self loathing and hurt. “For myself especially in this song, I was done, I was ready to throw it all away and call it a day and needed help, I was very, very sick and was not in the greatest of places. This had potentially been the worst I had ever been in my life even with dealing with depression and anxiety for most of my life.”

“I want this song to resonate with people to understand that their lowest of low, they are truly not alone and that the suicide awareness needs to be more apparent and people need to speak up and talk more and remove any and all stigma about their negative thoughts and bad headspace and know that they do not need to lead into this dark path and so not need to take their life away when they have so much they still need to do… we just need to communicate and help one another!”



They also do TWITCH things


Links to mental health services if needed, it's okay to not be okay, speak to someone, remember you have a huge community of friends and family who love you.

and ICYMI: I interviewed Ralph and Jake from Without Belief when they dropped their previous single Acceptance pt.2 (The Prolonged Goodbye) earlier this year


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