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NAUTICAL MILE: Dan & Caleb chats about the 'Embers' EP & Tour | MOODY MUSIC INTERVIEWS

AHOY THERE! Dan and Caleb from everyone’s favourite maritime band, and no it’s not just a random band of pirates, instead I’m talking about pop-punkers Nautical Mile from Perth. The boys answered all of my obvious burning questions like: Do you use nautical miles as an everyday travel distance? Did you know your cover art was sexy? And did you use the purgatory mattress for naps in between shooting the music video? CHECK OUT THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW

*interview date: 13 Oct 2021- post release*

Nautical Mile (Pop Punk, Perth)


Intro Track: NAUTICAL MILE - Purgatory

*Manic Kat made me mute the intro music, but I recommend checking out Purgatory*


Moody Music’s Mission: Aims to promote and support bands in the more heavier and rebellious genres of music in the pop-punk, rock and metal music scenes by sharing their music

About Jess: Hey I’m Jess, 23 from Melbourne, Australia. All I want to do is help promote and support some kickass music from the most rebellious music scene.

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