DRASTIC PARK: Snakes and Ladders | Video Interview

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Before you get lost with Drastic Park on Thurs Nov 25, why not spend some time catching up on the latest Drastic tracks. I had a chat with the trio when they released Snakes and Ladders back in Sept, they’ve also randomly covered The Saddle Club to raise support for Beyond Blue. Anyways, let’s play some Snakes and Ladders with Drastic Park shall we?


*interview date: 8 Sept 2021- post release*

Drastic Park (Pop Punk, Melbourne)


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Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/4TvDjebnbnrDNnbmyonwC1?si=PahSy0lbRUWCh8Gqr7I9Ow

Intro Track: DRASTIC PARK - Snakes and Ladders

*I have permission from the artist to feature their music in this video*

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