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LUKE SEYMOUP: (A Muso with Character) Chats about 'Serengeti' | MOODY MUSIC INTERVIEWS

Get to know Melb’s MOST busiest man in punk before he releases his 7th single for 2021 (‘Maple Road’ being unleashed tomorrow). I caught up with Luke Seymoup for a chat shortly after dropping ‘Serengeti’ a few weeks ago. Luke also spoke about his backstory and undying love for the local music scene, music theory on TikTok (He’s crushing it atm!), latest track ‘Serengeti’ and spooky/weird Oct single ‘Knife’.

*interview date: 16 Nov 2021 | Release date: 15 Nov 2021

Luke Seymoup (Indie-Punk, Melbourne)

Songs mentioned during the interview:


Intro Track: LUKE SEYMOUP - Serengeti

*I have permission from the artist to feature their music in this video*


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