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When an alt/rock metalcore Melbourne band is called Loose End you know that their music is gonna to be as gangster as their name is, and this time around the band aren’t leaving any loose ends lying around or any stone unturned in their new track Autopilot, which raises awareness towards mental health and wellbeing. So let’s review it!

Immediately Loose End gave me some Foo Fighters vibes with Autopilot! The guitars are like a grungier, slower version of the Foo’s 2011 track White Limo. The lyrics are rhythmically well spoken, particularly in the verses, it’s a cruisey-swaying sort of song which then escalates into a head banger, mosh-pitter track by the end of Autopilot. It feels like a very suspenseful and journey based song.

I think the best picture I could paint for anyone who hasn’t listened to the song (… yet, but seriously what are you doing? Jump on this tune quickly, your ears will thank you later!) is that it begins as a fairly mellow alt rock song, picture watching the sunset rise in California, full disclaimer I’ve never been to California but

this song has that chillin’ watching the world go by vibe while sitting in one of the O’s in the Hollywood sign.

Autopilot does sound like a very different song from what is on in the current music market right now, they are metalcore and alt rock. The metalcore element is vocally present, similarly to Thornhill style, more-so towards the end of the track, but it’s not overwhelming and overpowering the song, it’s an addition to the sunset grunge alt rock aura.

The guitars are definitely the instrument that bounces around and gets stuck in your head, again I’m loving those Foo Fighter vibes Loose End.

Lyrically the chorus is extremely confronting and feels very prevalent to society, frontman Ben Smalley says:

“This song is about neglecting your mental wellbeing and not being able to cope with the consequences"

“We’ve come up with some fresh ideas and love the direction we’re taking as a band. It goes without saying that it has been super hard working around Covid throughout the entire process - from writing, demoing, recording and especially the video - but overall we’re very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve.”

From their other previously released tracks, Autopilot sounds angrier and more defined and determined as a song construct. As Ben talked about the band’s direction you can hear them evolving from a Pop-punk skater indie style into an alt rock and soft/easy core era. I think that Loose End’s musical transition would be a great ‘easing’ band for new fans of the heavy music scene and who can follow their journey as the band goes harder and louder with their music.

By the way, these guys play a pretty kickass live show! I know from personal experience!

And they are gearing up for a Melbourne single ‘Autopilot’ single launch in September with supports from The Motion below and All Regards (shows going ahead are dependent on Covid restrictions).

LOOSE END - Socials

LOOSE END - Tour Dates

Loose End ‘Autopilot’ Single Launch 2021

w/ The Motion Below and All Regards

Melbourne/ Saturday 11 September/ The John Curtin Hotel

* Date could change dependant on restrictions - follow Loose Ends socials for updates


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