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IN VANITY: Epitome & Mariana | Double Review

In Vanity are dropping music faster than their energizer bunny vocalist Ralph Brown has the time to skull an iced coffee! If you get a brain freeze just picturing that, don’t stress and warm yourself up with this double single review of what your earholes can expect from Epitome and Mariana. If you’ve got these tracks sitting in your to-listen playlist, get them right now!

In the very first 19 seconds of Epitome, my impressions were that this song is theatrical and epic. You could image this track as an opener to a full stadium concert, a dark stage with the band sneaking on and then just fire shoots out of pyrotechnic cannon machines.

This song is loud and heavy, it sounds vocally demonic but not with full demonic possession. You can still understand the lyrics and having additional back up clean vocals does add another layer of depth to this song. Epitome has a cinematic aura about it, it’s like In Vanity have nailed what In Hearts Wake meets angry Hellions would sound like. The tight electric guitar work in this track also brings in a sci-fi astronomical feature to Epitome, I really wanna say that there’s a little bit of subconscious Earthbound in there too.

Moving onto Mariana, which was released last Friday the 19th of November. The first thing that I want to say about this song is that the visualizer looks like it could be one of those old window screensavers, you know like the never ending pipes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but wait I can explain! The Mariana visualizer is very calm to watch, but it’s also very classy from the gold and copper.

I think Mariana could be my favourite In Vanity song so far, this song has a deeper and more intimate edge, it’s loud and angry but also has those whispery moments. This track has levels! Some of the lyrical questions such as “am I dreaming? Am I living? Or am I barely breathing?”, just draws you in, it’s captivating. The chorus is even a little bit existential crisis-y, which is very relatable to everyone, like what are we even doing? What’s going on? Ahh life decisions (slight panic!). I would almost say the chorus is zombified in character.

“I see before me a ghost of a lie, she tells me everything is alright”, this is the particular whispery lyric that really sucks the listener in, please listen to this song with headphones in to get that full experience of “ahh Ralph’s whispering weird things!”.

But in all seriousness, I do love the concept of Mariana as a possible symbolistic figure, it reminds me of Wishful Thinking’s character ‘Destiny’ in Destiny pt.1, or like Green Day’s ‘Jimmy’ from the American Idiot album. Both Epitome and Mariana have a huge cinematic aura surrounding the songs, similar to a James Bond soundtrack, songs with a huge presence.

Also, I would not be surprised if In Vanity worked with some symphonic instruments in the future. For example, some tight atmospheric violin work would just be an entire whole new level for the band, of course keeping the loudness and screaming but adding some more strings to their sound.


In Vanity (Metalcore, Melbourne)

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