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Escarion 'Pillars Of The Faith' | ALBUM REVIEW

ICYMI: Melbournian thrash metal band Escarion released their new album Pillars Of The Faith exactly one week ago. The album explores the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins in just nine tracks. Today, Moody Music will be reviewing Escarion’s latest release and sussing out the best tracks where to find the best guitar solos.

GENRE: Thrash & Black Metal | FFO: Death, Behemoth, Mayhem

“The album is therefore a deep-dive into the Seven Deadly Sins and their relation to human nature. Are these actual sins or are they apart of our humanity? Can you separate sin from human? Should they be avoided or embraced?”- Escarion

First off, I want to say that this album could be the soundtrack you hear when you walk through hell… it’s heavy! Escarion are HEAVY! The album art absolutely visually compliments all of the tracks on the Pillars Of The Faith album in a dark demonic way.

Some notable parts off Escarion’s new album that we have to discuss are some of the song intros, guitar solos, track running times and which song gets the Moody Music approval for favourite track.

Intro wise, Inferno, the first track on the album opens Pillars Of The Faith with a gentle ghostly piano mini ballad before (almost literally) hell breaks loose and Escarion’s true thrash metal side is exposed. Another track introduction that does peak interest is the opening to track number seven, Wrath, which dives into banshee like screaming after about 20 seconds of guitar intro warm up. This track makes you want to scream your guts out along with Escarion’s lead vocalist Tommy Lewko.

Let’s talk guitar solos and track length. Pillars Of The Faith is full of massive guitar solos, I want to say in nearly every single song, with these grand guitar additions there’s no wonder why the track length ranges from four to nearly eight minutes. This band are not afraid to let loose on a solo even if it could potentially take up about ⅕ of a 45 min set. The best guitar solos are in Sloth, from 5:08 and goes for nearly one whole minute of pure guitar (it might make you drool a bit because it’s soo good), and the solo in Greed, at that 4:42 mark which encapsulates an 80’s/90’s rock inspired guitar solo which for some reason made me picture Slash playing that epic solo in front of a desert church in Guns N’ Roses music video for November Rain. There’s an aura of just pure majestic guitar in Escarion’s new album.

The best track overall from Pillars Of The Faith would have to be Lust. The vocals and guitar bounce off each other really satisfyingly in Lust, and the track is layered with multiple elements that don’t clash or compete with one another, this song feels most like a “story telling” track in the way it has been composed and produced in a nice flow. Lust isn’t about making music that’s just really loud and full of constant screaming, it is perceived as having a more in depth approach compared to other thrash and black metal songs. This song I think best shows Escarion’s skills and what the band is capable of. Lust also has some In Hearts Wake vibes about it, which does win some brownie points there, with that similar sort of sound, layering and story telling makes this song a stand out.

Escarion’s album Pillars Of The Faith is available right now, go check it out and check out the band’s socials as well if you fancy their music.



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