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TRIPSITTA: New Single 'Change' | REVIEW

Bringing you what is possibly one of the last rays of sunshine before Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones officially announces that winter is here in Australia. Introducing … Tripsitta who are the latest modern indie rock outfit to emerge from the sunny state of Brisbane! This quartet has just released their new single Change, and I can definitely tell you that this new single brings those sunshine state surfer/ skater vibes with it.

Change is no doubt indie rock, particularly when the chorus kicks in. Surprisingly though this track has an underlining of some reggae laid back vibes, see this is where the surfer culture really shines (it’s just such a gnarly song bro! *insert shaka here*).

First impressions of Tripsitta were that Bernard Fanning should either be intimidated by these guys or take these Brissy boys under his wing, as Change shows that same passionate Aussie indie rock sound that Powderfinger had. Think like: banging drums, catchy chorus’, and always has an epic guitar solo, much like (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind. Tripsitta captures the classic 90’s and 00’s indie rock sound, but with their own modern-day twist.

Change could also be placed on the same musical shelf as Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk, Jebediah’s Leaving Home and Thirty Merc’s In The Summertime, they are all core nostalgic indie tracks. Tripsitta have created the perfect summer song and roadtrip track ready for every epic adventure.

Frontman Jack Williams says that Tripsitta’s new song was inspired by the new post-pandemic world after issues such as Covid, BLM, Climate protests and LGBTQ Rights Movements all created noise and rose awareness during the pandemic.

“This song is a birds eye view of all these events… the big picture. Watching over it all to see how far we’ve come out and that we are achieving great positive change. It’s a shout-out to all those like minded people who are truly themselves and creating the world we deserve”, says Jack.

The music video to Tripsitta’s Change was a collaborative effort between the band and The Brisbane City Council, the boys have made it as finalists in The QUBE Effect for 2021, which is an initiative the city council runs to work with upcoming and emerging artists. Tripsitta are just one of those acts that are up to for VOTE for in the People’s Choice Award. So, don’t trip or sit for too long if you’re a huge fan of Change. Go support your local scene! Voting link is right here.

If you want to keep tabs on these up-and-comers for more good vibes, check out Tripsitta’s socials below.



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