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THE LAST MARTYR: Purgatory EP | Review

ICYMI The Last Martyr released the EP of your dreams! WOW! I mean what can I tell you about the Purgatory EP… it's diverse and fluctuates between thrashing metalcore and post- pop hardcore (I think TLM possibly created a new genre?). Listening from start to end is a must, as it finishes exactly how I wanted, filling that gap of what would extend The Last Martyr's style. These forward thinkers are oh so satisfying!

Okay, before we get into the scary witchcraft of The Last Martyr (TLM), who have the ability to read into their fan’s minds (and my mind on the first listen) to provide the goods of what had been missing from the first four songs that would make The Last Martyr reach that whole new level their sound.But before we explore that music magic any further, let's talk about some style and highlights from the Purgatory EP.

For those of you who know of lead singer/ screamer Monica Strut, you would know she is the absolute sweetest human being in day to day life, but on stage it's a whole other story and the first track of Purgatory really matches the alter stage ego of Mon.

The first thing I noted about the first track Freaking Out was the ‘Harpy Scream’ halfway through the song! It's a great stylistic effect that, again, shows the darker side of The Last Martyr as a whole band. When I chatted to Mon and Vin at the time of them releasing Hindsight (THE LAST MARTYR: chats about new single 'Hindsight' | INTERVIEW), the second single from off this new EP, they were both so nice and friendly, and slightly nerdy about music, but hey who isn't? I'm guilty here too!

Freaking Out also creates a sense of paranoia through the music with the heavy electric thrashing style and is 100% complemented by the lyrics ‘couldn't keep away’ in the chorus. This song gives me some very strong Linkin Park Papercut vibes!

Hindsight would be my personal favourite track off the Purgatory EP, it's just so catchy! I think that Hindsight would be a major fan/crowd favourite as well. This song would be the one everyone waits for in the set list, much like the loyalty of Foo Fighter's fans waiting for Everlong. You can't leave until the band plays this song.

If Hindsight were to be compared to a phrase/ imagery, it would be like: when you know shit is about to go down so you put your hair up. Hindsight is a serious, fight song.

On my first listen of Purgatory, or any review I do, fun fact: I actually hand write out some notes in a little interview/ review book that all the Moody Music stuff is in.

What I find to be very funny is that four-fifths through the EP, I was on Like A Ghost and thought this EP it was full of loud, grungey and metal/post hardcore material, and as a big Linkin Park (LP) fan, I find that The Last Martyr and LP do share similarities musically, and thought…

Wouldn't it be so cool and next level if TLM had a rap element? If you were like me, just wait that few minutes more, because Afterglow fills that void! I am convinced TLM must be a coven or have some mind reading powers, as I was shook. They gave me what I wanted as a listener.

I do just want to say one more thing about Afterglow, the track I found to be very dreamy, much like Saviour and their A Lunar Rose album (ugh would recommend Never Sleep and Rose). There are also a few aural breaks as the music shifts between rap metal verses and melodic choruses, which is quite nice to drift between.

Circling back to Like A Ghost, I feel that fellow Melbournites Everlyne should be a support band for The Last Martyr. This song in particular gave me full on Everlyne Deranged vibes the whole way through. Both tracks are powerful on their own, and also have a dramatic flare.

Also on Moody Music check out: EVERLYNE: New Single 'Deranged' | INTERVIEW

I didn't intend on covering all five songs from this EP, but we've already gone through four so why not chat about another one.

Out of Time is the third track, the middle track, it's the easiest song to listen to if you are a beginner to the scene. This song is more on the poppier scale of this EP, the lyrical imagery is absolutely beautiful, some lyrics include ‘cause I'm holding the ocean’, it's uplifting and feels like a weight coming off your shoulders.

That’s a wrap on The Last Martyr’s Purgatory EP, I would recommend catching this band live to see them perform on stage, and I can confirm, they do PERFORM A LIVE SHOW SPECTACULAR! It’s also pretty fun to see Monica scream her guts out too.



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