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NOCTURNAL ANIMALS: Unleashed New Single 'Articuno Makes Waves' | News

Nocturnal Animals have released their latest single Articuno Makes Waves into the great wide world along with a single launch one-off show, and despite their name, Nocturnal Animals aren’t a bunch of possums or other nighttime creatures that may spring to mind, instead, these Nocturnal Animals are three indie punk rockers from Adelaide (their nicknames might be like possum 1, 2, and 3, but this is currently unconfirmed).

Articuno Makes Waves is the fifth single to come from this upcoming trio, following on from the band’s previous 2020 string of hits: Rocket Girls, Cold and Blue, LHW, and Sfos. Nocturnal Animals are currently making their own huge waves as contenders in the current music scene since debuting in 2020.

The band are also taking to the streets with a one-off show in their hometown of Adelaide, playing the Articuno Makes Waves single launch later this month.

Band member Dylan Martin explains the meaning behind the new track, “the song is about a relationship falling apart. It was written at the time of the relationship but from the perspective of if it had already come to an end. The chorus lyrics really sums it up but it’s that weird situation when you know the relationship is over (or doomed to be) but don’t want to admit it yet”.

Nocturnal Animals describe Articuno Makes Waves as an ‘emotional rollercoaster’, and their piece of work that they call an ‘indie-rock track that has been doused with their punk-rock attitude’.

Articuno Makes Waves is out right now go suss it out, also suss out the band Nocturnal Animals, because I’m pretty sure that they are one of the main reasons that make Adelaide so rad.


Adelaide/ Saturday 20th March/ Uni Bar



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