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Punk rock and robots honestly what more could you want?! Sydneysiders Father Deer Hands have just dropped their latest hit Factory Reset, and we are going to review it! REVIEWING ALL OF IT! The song and the quirky music video about a little robot (not so little, more like people sized) and it’s really tough struggle of a day (I bet it was a Monday, ooft they always suck!)

First reactions were that the music video for Factory Reset visually gave me immediate As It Is vibes with the robot! For those of you who don’t know As It Is released a track called Cheapshots & Setbacks back in 2015, and it features quirky robots! Storywise, the robot in Factory Reset has a Dave Grohl- Foo Fighters- Walk kind of day where everything goes wrong for the tin man and the other band members give the poor lil robot a hard time until it has a breakdown/ malfunction (it was definitely having one of those kind of relatable days aye). The music video was directed, filmed, and edited by Amy McIntosh of AyeMehMac Photography!

The quirky and comedic character of the music video also reminds me of Clay J Gladstone and their sarcastic emo track Sorry, because of the personality put into the clip. Those Clay J Gladstone boys are proper insane and hilarious!

Father Deer Hands’ vocalist Matthew Betmalik says that their new song is about losing,

“my whole life I’ve tried to hold onto things that are fleeting, and every time they went away I’ld always blame myself… Life comes in unpredictable waves, one minute you’re on top and the next you’re drowning, either you can wipe out every time or learn to ride with it”

Matthew Betmalik has a great voice, it’s not too overwhelming in the screaming and loudness department, honestly Father Deer Hands have snuck into some sub metal category with this track, that tight guitar work and anger is the embodiment of metal. It will be interesting to see which direction they go in the future with their music. Will they go harder into the metal depths, pop-punkier, or maybe whip out a country single or two…. Nobody knows, at the moment they could go in any direction. Let’s just hope it’s one of the first two options.

Factory Reset has a great kick in it, the song is really catchy and easy on the ears, it’s very repeat friendly. Father Deer Hands has captured the likeness of other heavy artists such as Bloom, Stepson and early Columbus. It’s punk rock, emotional and slightly screamy. I really love the quiet lull before the drums kick back in for a final hit, scream and blegh after the repetitive lyrics “I’m so done, done with you, done with me”.

I think this track will really resonate with a lot of people, we all have our crappy robot days and just feel like screaming our guts out.

You can find out more about Father Deer Hands on their socials below



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