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SPIRITBOX: Secret Garden | Single Review

Is it too late to jump on that Spiritbox train? What no? Great I’ll go grab my Ouija board, tarot cards and jar of salt aye, and let’s get into the Canadian trio’s new heavy but melodic track ‘Secret Garden’. Can we just please adopt these post-metalcore three? They would be absolutely perfect and kickass on an Aussie stage.

As someone who is very picky about female vocalists, I was surprised by Courtney LaPlante’s pipes. Now in preparation for this review of course I’ve sussed out the band’s previous releases, and Secret Garden is not as vocally aggressive as Circle With Me or Holy Roller, but it’s more melodic and still captures that heavy techy sound that Spiritbox ooze across their music. The band are in the same melting pot as Thornhill, Frontier Season, and even have a touch of Through It All in the louder screaming sections of their music.

Secret Garden has a similar vibe to the band’s 2020 single Constance, it’s pretty, it’s soothing and it’s dreamy. It’s not quite as ballad-y, because of the heaviness of the guitars, but the chorus really invites listeners to get trapped in the song, ‘And nobody waits for me but I know/ Nobody takes from me what I grow/ Secret Garden, disregard my heart’.

A few things that I have to note: I’m an absolute sucker for trios, obviously I’m talking about bands (jeez… I don’t know what else you all were thinking about), but this band immediately caught my eye, and as someone with purple hair, a purple room and probably a purple heart, I 100% needed to support Courtney’s blue hair and blue vibe in the official Secret Garden music video, it is a mood! Also, the cover art reminds me of Terra’s Into Deep Blue acoustic EP from last year.

On the announcement of dropping their latest track, vocalist Courtney said that, “I want to continue to showcase the fluidity that is inherent in heavy music, and even though this is just one part of a full body of work that may not sound exactly like this song, it is a song that we love and are obsessed with. I celebrate variation. Secret Garden is exciting to me, for this reason. I’m scared but excited, like I’m about to hit the big drop on a roller coaster, and I’m fully embracing that”.

Secret Garden is just the next chapter for Spiritbox, as the band are gearing up to release their debut album Eternal Blue on 17 September 2021.



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