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Review of Yours Truly's single 'Together'

Yours Truly has released their second single ‘Together’ off their debut album ‘Self Care’ out 18 Sept. The four piece Sydney pop-punk band’s latest song was aired on triple j Good Nights, exactly one week ago. ‘Together’ has since then blown up with popularity online with people feeling compassionate towards the new single.

Even though the band formed in 2016, this is still very new and shiney in the music scene. Your Truly have had large success with their previous EP. 'Afterglow’ which features singles such as ‘Circles’ and ‘High Hopes’.

The new single ‘Together’ draws on the concept of “imposter Syndrome”, according to an ABC article, the definition being:

“Impostor syndrome, also called impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome, is a term to describe the psychological experience of feeling like you don't deserve your success”

in other words you are worried about being called out as a fake, and that you haven’t put in enough work in your life to appreciate what you’ve done to get where you are at. It might be something small, like you didn't feel as though you deserved that high mark on a test, that promotion at work, or that your social media feeds aren’t portraying your authentic self and you feel like a fake, imposter or fraud in your own life.

Yours Truly’s lead singer Mikaila Delgado said the following about the new single (Wall of Sound article) :

"Together is about feeling the stress and uneasiness of imposter syndrome. I had a lot of fear and anxiety coming into this album, having this expectation to exceed what we did with ‘Afterglow’. I remember telling myself ‘you need to write the best songs of your life’ and getting upset about the possibility of not being able to prove ourselves. One night I turned to Lachlan (Cronin, guitar) and said ‘I just feel all the colour has been drained from my brain’ and we both looked at each other with wide eyes, and that’s how the idea of ‘Together’ came about"

The new single is very easy to identify with, especially with the world going into lockdown at one point of another, you start to spend more time your head. Overthinking every life decision or analysing your next move. Us human beings are exhausting ourselves by being too much in our own heads and desperately in need of some ‘selfcare’, physically and mentally.

The sound of ‘Together’ and ‘Composure’, are not as poppy and bouncy as their previous 2019 Ep. ‘Afterglow’, and also not as raw, angry and grungy as their debut 2017 Ep. ‘Too Late For Apologies’. These singles sound in the same sort of area as ‘High Hopes’ off the ‘Afterglow’ Ep. in terms of darkness and depth of the songs. These singles are more defined and cleaner compared to ‘Too Late For Apologies’ and not as fast as ‘Afterglow’.

The title of the album ‘Self Care’ is a really nice nurturing touch, from what we can hear from the singles, ‘Self Care’ is a slower paced album for Yours Truly. By no means is it an acoustic singer/songwriter album or an album full of all power ballads, it is still pop-punk, just in a slightly softer and relaxed pop punk style to their previous works. My prediction is that there will be one or two lighter songs in ‘Self Care’, as this album is showing some vulnerability in lyrics, song titles and pace. This album feels like it will be a very honest piece of work, which fans will appreciate getting an intimate experience out of Yours Truly’s debut album.

Front woman Mikaila has also been quoted saying that (AMNPLIFY article) :

"The experience was a true form of self-care that ended with me feeling stronger, smarter, enlightened and positive after a rollercoaster of emotions. For me, this album was my version of soaking in vanilla candles and that comforting taste of chocolate and red wine under blankets. We hope it brings solace to whoever listens to it and can relate too.”

I absolutely love Mikaila’s summary for this new album, it really encapsulates that the band is trying to showcase the key features of ‘Self Care’ being a journey with highlights and lowlights, and focuses on taking the time to practice self care, to rewind, reflect and recover. It’s a really nurturing concept for Yours Truly to bring into their music and sending a self care message to their friends, family and fans.

Yours Truly’s new singles are called ‘Together’ and 'Composure’ both are out now, and the new album ‘Self Care’ is set to be released 18 September 2020.

The Yours Truly's 'Self Care' album tracklist:

1. Siamese Souls 2. Composure 3. Together 4. Vivid Dream 5. Undersize 6. Ghost 7. Funeral Home 8. Glass Houses 9. Half of Me 10. Heartsleeve


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