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If you’re really f*cking angry, make sure you save Earthbound’s ‘Evergreen’ EP, you’ll still be really f*cking angry, but at least you’ll have some new tunes soon to blow up your speakers with. This week is a review of the unreleased ‘Evergreen’ EP which sounds like the heavy music birth child of Thornhill and The Brave, oh how they grow up so fast!

Evergreen is Earthbound's new 4 track EP that is ready for release on 2nd Sept 2020. This EP is full of all the demonic screaming goodness that is expected from this 5 piece Melbournian progressive metalcore band. Earthbound have described their new EP as being very gamer centric “Evergreen to us is an EP about life, life that will live forever. All five of us in the band are very fond of gaming in all of its different avenues and its actually a part of our lives that draws the band together as friends… Evergreen takes tales of some of our favourite games and makes them immortal in our music, and the lyrics and composition exists because of our fond memories we have these games”.

You can actually hear some gaming elements in the instrumental imagery in songs such as Constellations and Evergreen, which sounds almost like it features *Pewww, Peww* futuristic gun shots in the songs. The songs all have some sort of lyrical inspiration from games, Eden- ‘Far Cry 5’, Constellations- ‘Oblivion’, Evergreen- ‘Civilisation’, and Thrive- the band uses the metaphor of “Every single person who has been in 1st place in Mario Kart knows this feeling, anticipating when a blue shell is going to end their reign on the race. Thrive illustrates this fear and great triumphs”.

The latest dropped single ‘Eden’ has a really catchy chorus “you will know my name”. On first listen, this song reminded me of The Brave’s ‘Desolation’ from the album ‘Aura’, both Eden and Desolation both have those fluttering heavy guitars running through the tracks. However, Eden feels more fast paced and maybe a few more screams have been thrown in.

I would say that ‘Constellations’ is the “pretty” song of the EP. It’s lucid, it’s dreamy, but it’s still heavy, it’s in the same ballpark as Thornhill’s ‘Lilly & The Moon’. The chorus with the lyrics “my fate, was written in the stars” is sung in a vocally gentle manner, which is nice when you know a big scream is right around the corner. ‘Constellations’ shows the variety that Earthbound can produce vocally and instrumentally, there’s massive screams matched with lighter normal vocals, alongside tight guitar work, slight pauses and full louder sections of noise particularly in the verses.

This EP starts and ends really nicely, in a full circle kind of way, starting with ‘Eden’ and ending with ‘Evergreen’, both are really strong tracks. ‘Evergreen’ is probably the best track off the EP, no wonder it was good enough to be the EP title. This song is so full instrumentally, vocally and lyrically, it makes you want to listen to more. It’s kind of disappointing that it is the last track on the EP, it feels like the other songs were building up to this final epic track. I guess that is the cliff-hanger Earthbound were looking for, you bunch of metal-head heartbreakers!

One last thing, I want to say about Earthbound’s ‘Evergreen’ EP is about the artwork, it’s pretty! It’s very visually appealing, unlike the artwork for their single ‘Ember’ (I’m sorry but the ‘Ember’ cover is a Stephen King-type IT clown, that thing is full of nightmares!) But the artwork for Evergreen is aesthetic and cosmic, and I love the fact it shares similarities with their debut EP ‘Solstice’, with the tree, moon and space theme.

This has been your personal guide on what to expect from Earthbound’s new EP Evergeen out 2nd Sept 2020. If I had to sum up the Evergreen EP in three words it would be: Screams, Guitars & Dreamy. So, if you have a hot temper or just like really f*cking like loud music, check it out.


Tom Armstrong VOCALS

Jake Kershaw GUITARIST

Daniel Drowley GUITARIST

David Lawson BASSIST

Rhys Alexander DRUMMER


1. Eden

2. Constellations

3. Thrive

4. Evergreen


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