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Paperweight 'The Kids On The Ground' (Short.Sharp.Sweet song reviews)

This song makes you want to f*cking move and dance around like a smiling idiot! This tune is infectious! Paperweight’s new single ‘The Kids On The Ground’ is SO catchy with a cartoony edge to it, particularly with the whistling and bouncy guitars in this track. Lead singer, Haris Dillinger, has an incredible unique, high and quirky voice, which adds to the likeability of this song. There’s bounce, there’s oomph, there’s some kick in there too, and don’t forget the bad ass guitar solo that brings out the pop punk in Paperweight.

‘The Kids On The Ground’ is Paperweight’s second single after ‘Waster’ in May 2020. This bright-eyed Melbournian based Pop-Punk band has stated that the song

"‘The Kids On The Ground’ represents a reminiscent time. It's the realisation that the friendships, phases and moments you felt would last forever, will only fade into memories. Those days are no more, but they continue to shape the person you're becoming. The song is a bittersweet celebration of that reality."

You can tell that this song is fun and about friendship. Even the official music video has the band dressed up in crazy costumes such as having Mario and Luigi on guitars, a few background actors in onesies, and the lead singer dressed in a kid’s cartoon roadmap rug jumpsuit (Did anyone else have that cartoon roadmap rug as a kid? I feel like there is one hidden in the junk room of my house. Or maybe Paperweight knicked it to make jumpsuits out of? That’s all good you crazy punks, you do you haha).

The song and video for 'The Kids On The Ground' have a crazy happy vibe about it. The song sounds like it could be in a movie or TV show's final epic scenes, like this song could feature in Stranger Things and all the characters are like ‘The only way we beat thing this weird strange monster thing is if we work together and kick some ass!’.

GO CHECK OUT Paperweight’s new track and video for ‘The Kids On The Ground’.

For Fans Of: Neck Deep, New Found Glory, Heroes For Hire, WSTR, Blink 182, Sum 41 and Stand Atlantic

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