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PAPERWEIGHT's new single 'Stuck Out Stateside' | REVIEW

Melbourne’s super cute pop punk band Paperweight have dropped their latest single Stuck Out Stateside, making it their fourth release for this year. The music video led to some home renovations, and yes guitarist Luana has confirmed her lounge room is still painted bright green from the band making their own ‘green screen’ wall for the new song.

Stuck Out Stateside is the follow up track to Paperweight’s previously released 2020 singles Waster, The Kids On The Ground and Paper Anchors.

The pop-punkers, Paperweight, always carrying that really youthful coming-of-age vibe throughout their music as previously seen in the Kids On The Ground and now in Stuck Out Stateside, which is an absolute bop of a tune! Stuck Out Stateside channels that classic 2000’s pop punk style, similar to artists such as Blink182,Good Charlotte, Panic! At The Disco and Kisschasy. All of those artists have either a unique voice, now iconic songs or a sense of theatrics in their music. Paperweight are a point of different in the current pop-punk scene for two main reasons.

ONE Haris’ uniquely high vocal range, it’s very animated and comic-book like, and TWO Their music style is soo cute! Like you just want to pinch all the band members little cheeks! Paperweight are like energiser bunnies, they are bouncing around delivering fast pop punk.

Paperweight describe their new song as a “super punchy pop-punk track that tells the story of finding your way back to the excitement and lust for life that we tend to lose as we journey into adulthood”. The song was initially written by the band’s vocalist Haris a few years ago.

The making of the official music video has to be one of my absolute favourite stories to have come out of the coronavirus lockdowns. The band literally painted one of their lounge room walls bright green to use as a green screen background. It’s absolutely brilliant! If you haven’t seen it yet go check it out, it fully compliments the band’s aesthetic and thematic appearance of a young bright-eyed punk band. The Stuck Out Stateside music video was filmed during lockdown and called for some creativity to include all band members, even their guitarist Tom who lives in regional Victoria. The music video was also edited by Drastic Park’s frontman John Stokes.

Stuck Out Stateside is the latest tune from Melbourne’s very own Paperweight, it offers a danceable tune, cutesy punk attitude, and a catchy chorus ‘Let’s take it back, to the days where I feel better/ Swim through these seasons, waiting for summer/ Your skin tight jeans, my worn out Vans/ Waltzing our way back to Neverland’.



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