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Currently, the closest form of international travel Australians can soak up is from the Gold Coast band Midnight Express to Rome and their new single Disintegrate which dropped yesterday! This track has a cool retro, groovy and dreamy sound about it. The QLD alt rock trio have out done themselves with their latest single and crazy album art.

FFO: Pearl Jam, The Raconteurs, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden

On first listen, Disintegrate, gave me immediate 80’s alt rock vibes, we are talking like Icehouse’s Great Southern Land, INXSDon’t Change, or even something more modern with Foo Fighter’s 2011 song Rope, particularly with the way the guitars and drums play off and work with each other. It is almost as if the drums and guitars snake between each other, that weaving in and out motion underneath husky lyrics. It sounds like raw (as in pure and vulnerable) alternative garage rock, Disintegrate is not overwhelming or heavily polluted by too many instruments. You can hear every single element, including that awesome tight-dreamy guitar solo, which really lifts the single’s presence.

Midnight Express to Rome says their new single

Disintegrate is a beautiful song, and it stands out as a great example of how the energy of rock can seamlessly blend into the melodies of some of the best alternative music to create something quite special… It’s a song about the pain and transformation that a serious relationship can bring”

you can almost hear that heart wrenching message in the vocals and lyrics. This song has a genuine feeling about it, there’s no bullshit or fictitious planning, it was written out of Midnight Express to Rome’s alternative garage rock soul.

One other thing I do want to mention about Disintegrate is the cover art. Honestly, it’s kind of cringey in a comedic way. It’s an old man… wait for it… in a diaper or baggy panties (YIKES! I didn’t think I would ever type panties on this blog haha). It is kind of weird, I will admit, but I do absolutely love the fact that the band collaborated with a 15 year old Brissy-based artist for the Disintegrate single cover artwork. This is a wholesome act to support other local artists, whether it is performing arts or visual arts.

Disintegrate is OUT RIGHT NOW (as of yesterday) with the OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO. Go check it out if you need some Sunday arvo garage rock.

Check out Midnight Express to Rome’s SOCIALS


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