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MASS SKY RAID: Arrows | Single Release

ICYMI: South Eastern Queenslanders Mass Sky Raid released their latest cinematic single Arrows, and let me tell you this, it’s like you are being shot through the heart by 4 progressive rockers. The band describe the new track as a “lyrical journey” paired with a very scenic video clip. So, grab your backpack and snapback, and let’s take these Arrows on a Moody Music review journey.

The first thing I noticed was the lyrical imagery in Arrows, it is as cinematic as the actual music video. The chorus involves: ‘These arrows // strapped through the surface of my heart // will I open up this time?’. It’s deeply haunting in a literal and figurative sense.

There are some elements of Karnivool being present in this track, similarly to the ‘vool song Goliath. The aural atmosphere of Arrows also reminded me of the uplifting experience from 30 Seconds to MarsKings and Queens, you know the music video where hundreds of volunteer fans rode bikes around the city and nearly off a pier with the band? Yeah that one!

Mass Sky Raid says their latest release is "...sonically progressive, crossing genres and exploring both the heavier and more ambient lighter side of our sound. We think that Arrows gives the listener a journey - both vocally and musically - moving from anthemic heavier riff-driven moments to subtle open musical space, which compliments the lyrical journey of discovery and the struggle within the search to find meaning." Arrows was produced by Luke Palmer.

The music video was shot by Ten of Swords Media, and might I say, the cinematography is on-point! It is of high quality and captures this sort of winter countryside/ Jurassic Park abandoned natural landscape- but minus the dinosaurs.

Mass Sky Raid have previously played with artists such as Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja and I Am Giant.

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