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Canadian punk-rockers Hiding From Humans bring the bounce in their debut EP Radio, with six out-of-this-world tunes released last Friday. Their EP has a very Simple Plan feel, I swear I’m not just saying that because both bands are from the land of beavers, they both have tight bouncy guitar work, punk drums and infectious vocals.

FFO: Simple Plan, Blink182, Bearings

The Radio EP reminds me of Simple Plan’s Still Not Getting Any and No Pads. No Helmets… Just Balls and that youthful tone of Bearings and of course Blink182. Are you even a punk band if you don’t sound like Blink182? Pretty sure that’s the unofficial or maybe official punk criteria.

Hiding From Humans are a four-piece Canadian pop-punk band formed in early 2019. The band says that their Radio EP will take

“you down an emotional rollercoaster with tracks about love, heartache, daily struggles and endless hope, yet provides a safety net for the listeners to fall back on”

It is a very solid EP in terms of structure, sound and personality. This EP could be left on repeat for a good few hours and wouldn’t burn off your ear drums or have the hype surrounding it fade. I love the fact that Hiding From Humans’ EP is layered, you can hear all the different sections in each song and you can actually hear all the instruments present. Yes, all band members are there, what a freaking team effort! Ooft!

Let’s talk about the underdog song on the EP, before we bite into the released promo singles.

Glum, despite having an emo kind of name, this song slaps! It’s a climatic song, starting with a tight grungy guitar intro, followed by the drums, you hear it build, then BOOM! A soft light pre-chorus before the chorus picks right back up with that punk sound. I love the depth in this song, it truly matches the band’s description of a rollercoaster. Glum is a coming of age song, especially with lyrics such as 'the best years have passed us by/ but still I see a reason why/ there is greatness yet to come', there a sense of empowerment portrayed in Glum. It’s a song that I feel many people will resonate with.

Whinge is the latest single accompanied with a music video (what a bonus!). There are more drums, faster drums as well, this track is very Blink182 drums might I add, but once again it is a very catchy chorus and fun bouncy tune. Radio and Whinge were the best choices for the band to release as radio-friendly singles, they really do draw you in.

Hiding from Humans have delivered an upbeat, high energy EP, encapsulating the 90’s to 00’s youthful punk vibe. These six tracks off the Radio EP are nicely constructed and creates the band’s aura of who they are, what they can deliver, and what type of music they are passionate about.

As their name suggests, Hiding From Humans are the sneaky ones to watch in the punk music scene. To have created an EP at this high standard of music quality and to bring in that now old school pop-punk vibe back is a great reminiscent feeling, it’s more music styled from the punk era you love. This EP deserves all the hype and more.

Radio EP is available right now go check it out!


1. Radio

2. Lost Cause

3. Whinge

4. Distance

5. Glum

6. Drive

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