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Documentary: The Pandemic Vs. The Heavy Music Scene | by Jess of Moody Music

Here is something a little bit different from what I usually put up on Moody Music Blog. This is a project that I've been working on the last few months as a university student.

ENJOY! -Jess

‘The Pandemic Vs.The Heavy Music Scene’ is a documentary that explores the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the alternative music industry in Australia. Bands and industry professionals share their experiences writing and recording new music, their covid touring situations, advice on future releases, and how social media played an important role in continuing to build relationships with fans in a lockdown environment.’


I am unbelievably humbled and filled with so much joy creating and sharing this crazy project that I’ve been working on the past few months. I hope it inspires musos and fans to support our scene more than ever <3 (22 mins of fun)

HUGE thanks to Monica Strut, Steven Cannatelli, Drastic Park, Snarky Snark, In Eyes, Kastiell and Molly & The Krells who were happy to be interviewed and/or have their Moody Music interview audio be leaked (I mean re-used). Also special thanks to those included in vox pop: Nick from Backbone Takeover, Afeef of Second Idol, Ciera, Sunny from BONEZ, Clare, Jez, Adam, Nick, Oliver of In Vanity, Jesse of A New Way Home, and Luke of Frontier Season.

“I wanted to create a piece that reflects on musicians during the 2020 pandemic and also inspire them for the future. This music scene is such a beautiful community, and I was overwhelmed with happiness from how many people wanted to be involved in this project as a band, industry professional, or just wanted to have their chance to speak on the vox pop” - straight from Uni assignment reflection.


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