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Counting Down to the Best Track Off Pink Elephant (Stand Atlantic album review)

Are you little pink elephants ready for a count down to the best track of the only thing you’ve been listening to for the past 24 hours?

Let’s get into it and dissect this absolute banger of an album!

The Countdown Begins…

#11 Like That (track 1)

Yes I know it’s the first track off the album and it is in last place for this countdown. Just hear me out okay? This song is very high energy, with that pop-punky vibe, but it is just way too repetitive with the “It’s just like that” every few seconds. There are much stronger songs in this album that we are warming up to.

#10 Shh! (track 2)

I swear this countdown is not in track listing order haha. Shh! Is one of the heavier, angrier and grungier songs on the Pink Elephants album, yes I appreciate this a lot having some angry tracks to scream to. However, this rack is a bit over played, because it did come out as a single back in Feb, and it just always seemed to be on the radio.

#09 Wavelength (track 6)

Similarly to Shh! This song is a bit overplayed from radio and being a single release from May. Don’t get me wrong the chorus “Trippin on your Wavelength” is still a great breakdown and fun to sing. This song has a great grungy punk guitar presence.

#08 Silk & Satin (track 9)

This is one of the more slower tracks on the new album. It has a very chilled, relaxing, soothing vibe, and makes you want to rock side to side in a gentle way. It is nice showing a vulnerable side of the band and their music.

#07 DWYW (track 8)

I like the fact the song title is abbreviated to DWYW, rather than Do What You Want, it is more mysterious like that. It’s not the strongest song on the album, but it is new for the album on release date. During live shows there is opportunity for crowd interaction in this song with the “Cause you can do what you want, do what you want yeah” and the woah-oh-ohs that follow in the chorus, and who doesn’t love singing with their favourite band.

#06 Eviligo (track 5)

The fact that Eviligo is such as weird word, it makes it more fun to song. This song is very upbeat and fast paced drum wise, and also features a pretty bad ass guitar solo.

#05 Blurry (track 3)

Latest single released along with the official music video a few days before album release. This has a very dark theme lyric wise and this is also shown in the video clip as well, it is eerily, like a good kind of scary. This song has a great tune, very danceable if you don’t mind surgical lyric references.

#04 Hate Me (Sometimes) (track 11)

Even though this song was released back in Sept 2019 as a single, it is still a really catchy and strong song on Pink Elephants. I also really like the touch of the acoustic part in the last minute of the song. It shows an immediate raw gentle side of Stand Atlantic without losing the listener. The transition to acoustic isn’t too dramatic to make people think the next track has just started when listening to this song. It is also a nice ending to the Pink Elephant album. Finishes soft, but strong.

Alright you little pink elephants, are you ready for Top 3? Make sure you are sitting down for this.

#03 Jurassic Park (track 4)

This song is an absolute tune! It’s just such a fun quirky ass song, more pop in sound but with punk lyrics. Jurassic Park is an upbeat song in terms of bounce and the lyrics are almost comical “Dressed as skeletons”, “Lost dinosaur, dancing with ghosts in your garden”, I mean C’mon what a party this song is?! I also love the opportunity for crowd involvement, as the drums are very accommodating to crowd claps in the chorus.

#02 Soap (track 10)

This track has a great vibe to it, it’s got bounce, it’s in your face and it a great representation of this album, no wonder Stand Atlantic took the “pink elephant” lyric as the title. Music element wise, there are so many little things that are perfectly balanced, this is a really satisfying track to listen to. There are melodies, perfectly placed music absence, not too much repetition, and you can hear everyone in the band, no one drowns out one another. Also, Bonnie’s voice shows great variety in this song, from soft lyrics trailing off in verses and the holding of notes are perfection!

Here it is! Number 1 track off Stand Atlantic’s Pink Elephant album, Can I get a drum-roll please!

#01 Drink To Drown (track 7)

This song is hands-down incredible! Completely mind blowing! You get caught up in the song when listening to it! I love the fact it is like a ballad, and stripped back compared to the other songs in Pink Elephants. Just the purity and simplicity of Bonnie’s gorgeous strong voice and a piano, it’s emotionally overwhelming. This song makes you want to go in a room with the band and just all cry together, as funny as that sounds, this is how powerful of a song Drink To Drown truly is. This song is definitely one of the more emotional tracks, it’s deep, it’s desperate (in a good way), especially with the lyric ‘if you love me saturate me’. Even though it is a minimalistic song it is completely full of character.

There it is we have savagely pulled a part Stand Atlantic brand new shiny album Pink Elephants. Do you agree/ disagree with this countdown, what would you put as #1?

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