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Counting Down to the BEST TRACK off Kaliyuga (In Hearts Wake review)

If you’re out lost in the middle of a forest don’t shout out “Coo Wee!”, shout out “KAHL-EE YOO G-UH!” and the IHW’s Hellbringers will help guide you home right after you plant a tree or two. In today’s blog post we are going to countdown to the best track on In Hearts Wake’s fifth studio album ‘Kaliyuga’ dropped exactly one week ago. Here we go...

#13: Nāgá (Track 9)

This song does build suspense and has slightly traumatic drums, that sound similar to bombs dropping or explosions. Given the album art and definition of Kaliyuga to be a destructive state makes sense for some ‘trauma-noise’ to be included in this album. Nāgá is a great introduction track to Force of Life if you do listen to the full album in song order. There’s just not much there as it is a short instrumental song, so sadly it’s number 13 on this countdown.

#12: Crisis (Track 1)

Crisis definitely is a call to action particularly with the lyrics “This is an emergency, our house is on fire”, it draws in the listeners engagement and attention. This track is guitar heavy and great way to kick start the full album, but it is just a small intro song, and is not as strong as other songs on the album.

#11: Moving On (Track 4)

Moving On is more of a gentle song for a metal band, the verses are lighter instrument-wise, and the chorus reminds me slightly of (please no back fire, but…) Evanescence’sBright Me Back To Life’ (hahaha like just a little bit). The drums are really fast and evident in this song, and the chorus is easy to sing along to.

#10: Husk (Track 8)

This is just not one of the most strongest songs on the album. However, it has a really nice longing guitar track running through the song, it sounds very lucid and dreamy. Husk picks up with heaviness about half way through the song, it kind of turns the tables louder.

#09: Force Of Life (Track 10)

I absolutely love the third verse in this song, with the drums sounding like “dun-dun dun-dun” (haha anyone else make drum or guitar noises? Nope just me, right that’s awkward, lets move on). Force Of Life carries on that IHW heavy sound that they are known for.

#08: Crossroads (Track 7)

Crossroads is one of the more quieter songs on Kaliyuga, honestly it is a bit poppy and dramatic particularly in the chorus. This song sounds like it could be a 007 James Bond movie soundtrack, can we please make this happen! Also, this is kind of weird to say but this song sounds kind of SEXY in some parts!

#07: Dystopia (Track 12)

This track is LOUD! Like you would expect it to be! Dystopia definitely has some rhythm to the song. It just makes you want to move, either by head banging or rocking your hips from side to side. I want to say that Dystopia is a danceable track. (I can’t be the only one who wants to move to this song).

#06: Worldwide Suicide (Track 2)

Worldwide Suicide just makes you want to scream your guts out alongside lead singer Jake. This song is fast-paced, dramatic and in awe of freeing the screams. This tune is an absolute call to action, much like the rest of the album.

#05: Iron Dice feat. Randy Reimann (Track 11)

This track has a mysterious night-time foggy edge, it sounds a little bit like a movie or video game soundtrack. The absolute demonic screaming is the best part of this song, you could really imagine the crowd raising hell during that part and screeching the roof off with the lyrics “CORRUPTION, UNDER MY SKIN… LET ME INNNNN!”

#04: Hellbringer feat Jamie Hails (Track 3)

Hellbringer featuring the one and only man/werewolf Jamie Hails from Polaris! This collaboration is incredible and satisfying as In Hearts Wake and Polaris’ music compliment eachother really well. The big breakdown in this song with musical pause before the big HELLBRINGER is perfectly timed and constructed. It’s a very good song, no wonder it was one of the first singles released.


#03: 2033 (Track 13)

This song also has a sense of urgency (oh wow what a coincidence! More like an In Hearts Wake theme) and eeriness about it. This is especially evident in the song title ‘2033’, like we as people only have 13 years to get our sh*t together environmentally, politically and socially. The imagery in the lyrics are really powerful “so, What’s it gonna be? 2033. Will we be concerned before we’re past the point of no return? So, what’s it going to be? 2033. Will we ever learn or just sit back and watch the world burn”. This song encompasses the environmental-activism trait of the band.

#02: Timebomb (Track 5)

Timebomb will make you want to bang your head! “Everyday’s the same, if you’re trapped inside a cage”, I feel this is everyone’s current mood, and can emphasize with this song especially with that damn pandemic and lockdown restrictions still going on. Timebomb sums up all the craziness piling up in people’s heads, who are just ready for a massive breakdown, to flip a brick or punch a hole in the wall.


#01: Son Of A Witch (Track 6)

This song is so powerful, loud and intimate, I’m so glad it got released as a single before the full Kaliyuga album came out. Son Of A Witch is a very story telling song, it feels very intimate and in-your-face face with the lyrics “back up, back up, listen and learn… If I could only save you…”. The guitars are mesmerizing on this track. The third verse does not disappoint either, “you walk through fire and you never learn, I’m the son of a witch you failed to burn”, that section builds up to the breakdown of the song perfectly and oh so satisfyingly. This song has variety in the construction of it, there’s some screams, some whispers, some in-your-face lyrics, some instrumental, some loud drums and guitars, and also those quiet moments in the song that gives some much diversity for low level metal fans and the extremists to enjoy.

So there it is, In Hearts Wake’s 'Kaliyuga' has just gone through a savage countdown to the best track on the new album. Comment down below what your favourite track off Kaliyuga is.

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