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COLOUR & SHADE: releases unity anthem 'Equilibrium' | REVIEW

Melbourne based alt rockers Colour & Shade are back baby with their first single of 2021. Equilibrium is the band’s new track that draws focus on the topic of the “world craving equality”, and you can definitely make this connection with the lyrics and sound of this new tune.

Colour & Shade have said that the song Equilibrium “was made to help spread that message and show that people deserve to be respected and feel that they belong”, and this song no doubt empasses that social unity vibe.

Let’s break down the track real quick!

Okay, first impressions were that Colour & Shade come in fast and hot with their new song, the introduction features a tight guitar riff followed by the drums kicking in. There are waves of impact in this song so you never know what is going to hit you, whether it’s a quite softer part, a scream or some layered vocals. Soundwise, Equilibrium has a 90’s / 00’s pop punk vibe, and vocally, the clean vocals do have a similarity to Adam Lambert’s style, which I think is where the pop influence is portrayed in this track, because of the clean vocals. That being said, Adam Lambert’s vocals are powerful and huge in presence, and Colour & Shade vocalist Tim Greenwood’s voice is similar in character.

With a clean singer, there’s always a screamer (or at least there should be, in EVERY.SINGLE .INSTANCE including country music, lol what a laugh riot that would be!), anyways, I absolutely love the duality of two singers in Equilibrium, it’s much like how the Melbourne metal band Pridelands’ two vocalists play off and compliment each other so satisfyingly!

Even though this band is alternative rock, this single feels more pop-punk in style, vocally there are those heavier screamy vocals, but overall musically the track seems more on the punk scale, and honestly who doesn’t love a bit of pop-punk mixed with a screamy boi!

With Equilibrium being a unifying track as outlined by Colour & Shade, that message and intention are clearly evident in the song. There’s no secret encryptions or hidden messages. It’s a song about equality and equal rights, it stems from the idea of ‘together-ness’. Colour & Shade show this side at that 2:30 time point, with a uniting, layered and anthemic verse with a kickass guitar solo thrown in the middle of it.

The lyrics in that last little bit of Equilibrium is so heart warming and the collective vibe feels incredible:

We are the face you can’t see | You’ve got a choice so believe |We’ve got a voice now, you’ll see |Let’s raise a glass, you and me

The inclusive language really tugs at the old heart strings and makes you feel a part of something, a community, and particularly the scene.

Equilibrium is the latest single from Colour & Shade from Melbourne, the song is a follow up from the band’s successful 5 Seconds Of Summer cover of Youngblood, 2020 singles Phoenix and Therapy, and their debut 2018 self titled album.

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