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CANYON's debut single 'INSANE' | REVIEW

If you like dirty, grungy, heavy guitars, I can tell you now, you’re gonna love Canyon’s debut single ‘Insane’ which came out on Oct 1. Even though Canyon are a 3-piece Melbournian band, their sound has the presence of a 5-piece alt rock/metal band. ‘Insane’ sounds like a melting pot of The Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and those rough raspy vocals from the likes of Rage Against The Machine and The Butterfly Effect.

FFO: Rage Against the Machine, Mastodon, Karnivool, Mastodon, The Butterfly Effect.

Canyon stated that ‘Insane’ is about “questioning authority, society and normalcy and allowing ourselves to find freedom in a bit of chaos”, in other words, ‘Insane’ is an anarchy anthem! Are pitchforks still in fashion? (just kidding, of course they are haha)

I don’t know how Canyon did it, but they have somehow managed to sound like old school and new school Foo Fighters. On the first listen of ‘Insane’, it instantly made me think of the Foos, this song captures the similarities of ‘Low’ (2002), ‘Stacked Actors’ (1999), and ‘The Feast And The Famine’ (2014) with that grunge edge.

'Insane' is the first of 5 singles Canyon is set to release with accompanying artwork by Nate Hill. I absolutely love the idea of a band promoting art and music together, because music is a form of art, the two complement each other well. Also from the perspective on a debuting band, ‘Insane’ doesn’t only just set the tone of the band, but the art also helps define the band’s identity, which we physically would have been able to see at shows if COVID restrictions were lifted. This implementation of artwork is a great visual representation of the band that will help them build their fanbase though a different medium. I’m sure Canyon would be out touring shows on ‘Insane’ and the upcoming singles ASAP to solidify that live on-stage look and sound of Canyon as a band.

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