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BAD JUJU: ‘The Year From Hell’ double single launch|MOODY MUSIC LIVE REVIEWS

Fun Fact- Bad Juju puts on a good juju show! Last weekend (Sat 18 Dec 2021) the band finally played their ‘The Year From Hell’ singles celebration show at Stay Gold with supports from Bukowski, Plovers and Rex Dante. Check out my new blog post where I share how badly I wanted to steal the Bad Juju sunflower backdrop, as well as reviewing ALL the bands and sharing some of my highlights from the night.

My first reaction when I walked into the Bad Juju ‘the Year From hell’ single celebration show was that ‘I really, BADLY wanted to steal the Bad Juju sunflower backdrop cloth thing that was on stage’, it is a majestic piece, anyone that I spoke to on the night, would have heard me say this. I hope that one of the Bad Juju’s or someone Bad Juju connected has that backdrop hanging in their loungeroom. Just damn! it’s such a centrepiece and pays respect to the original In The Clouds - single launch tour.

With this original show being rescheduled a few times (f*ck covid) I was a bit sad to not see the lineup including one of the original acts, Agapanther from Adelaide make it onto the Stay Gold stage for the gig. That would have probably been the only downside, but then again that’s a bias personal hope as I’ve chatted to Agapanther on this blog when the band released Last Legs back in July 2021.

Supporting Bad Juju were Bukowski, Plovers and Rex Dante. Let’s talk about the bands in the order they played on stage, you know, to build some hype for Bad Juju.


Little birdy from JY Management told me that Rex Dante was actually debuting for the first time onto the stage that night, which I was actually shocked to hear. This 3-piece looked so cool and comfortable on stage. The last song that the band played, I’m hoping it was an original, I felt could have easily made it into the top music charts around that 2000-2010’s era of Jet and Thirsty Merc. I would truly love to see them supporting Jet! Rex Dante have that Aussie rock sound, ya know, those big guitar riffs with a grunge sound.

Before we go any further I must confess I have a habit of going to some gigs without hearing of some of the band’s music or have only heard of their names, in that case it’s a “Oh I know OF them” situation. For Rex Dante and Plovers their music and names were very fresh to my ears. Bukowski, I have seen live before and knew they put on a fun show, and headlining the evening Bad Juju’s I have been following this band for a little while, reviewing their EP You’re Not Alone, and even just frequently enjoying their music in my own time. One of my friends and I had Bad Juju, Green Day and Stand Atlantic on repeat during a road trip away to the Great Ocean Road, this is what perfect playlists are made of.

Photography Wizard: James Dominko


The second band, Plovers, I felt started off a bit rocky. I don’t know if this was partially due to nerves or tech issues, but halfway through their set the band settled and looked more comfortable on stage and really looked like they were having fun with it. Plovers seem like a fun and quirky band, the lead singer kind of looked like he was dressed like Shaggy (green top, brown pants) from Scooby Doo, please tell me that was intentional! Please! This band were doing some double matrix actions with their guitar riffs near the end of their set, ya know, the vocalist/guitarist and guitarist were leaning back in sync while also still playing.

Photography Wizard: James Dominko


Okay, Bukowski, or should I say Blegh-kowski. This band is a ton of fun, they would have been the wild-childs of the night. A Bukowski show is not just a show, no no, it is an experience! This band could easily pull of large-scale headline gigs, they are fun and crazy. You could feel the hype and energy picking up in the room from their set.

A few of my favourite moments from Bukowski’s set were, frontman Bassy and the old school phone cord guitar lead, guitarist Jamie serenading what I think was a random in the crowd, the playing of a few brand new songs- a really notable one I want to point out is the track about anxiety, and the last few minutes of their set when the band pretty much went ape sh*t! They were just insane, Bassy flung off of the stage!

The lighting for both Bukowski and Bad Juju’s set were incredible and I feel really added to the experience for the crowd. Speaking of Bad Juju, it was really great to finally see this band play live, their style is just so cool, effortless and really add value to their genre not only in their music but also through their stage presence.

Photography Wizard: James Dominko


To hear songs from off their 2020 EP You’re Not Alone was really exciting and to have it in addition to their new pandemic released tracks In The Clouds and American Halloween, I bet it felt really great for the band to be able to play these tracks live for their fans.

Stand out Bad Juju songs from the night were, fan favourite Let’s Talk, In the Clouds featuring balloons bouncing around the crowd- I’m talking like a massive box of balloons that added to the fun of the night, and my personal favourite track Disappoint was another highlight. What can I say, I like moody lyrics and the lights for that song were purple, tis a match made in heaven.

Disappoint also saw a mosh pit break out from the emotionally loaded song, the energy in the room was so vibrant that the crowd just wanted to move and express themselves in a random mosh pit. I’m hoping that the band really enjoyed the enthusiasm from their fans. We are talking about some wholesome moments that happen right here people.

Photography Wizard: James Dominko

That is it from me, I unfortunately did not steal the Bad Juju sunflower backdrop cloth (maybe next time!) but please check out all the bands mentioned in this post, all of their social media is listed below and PLEASE GO OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR SCENE when and where you can.

Photographer Wizard: James Dominko


Bad Juju






Rex Dante I couldn’t find their Social Media?- even stalked event pages. Keep your eye out if they pop up anywhere!


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