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Alex Andra's new single 'Infliction' | Review

Perth pop-punk artist, Alex Andra just released her new sophomore single ‘Infliction’ which takes on the relationship between social media and the true authentic self, in a dark and dare I say moody aesthetic in the lyrics and in the official music video. Released in late September, ‘Infliction’ has this vibrancy of punk panic mixed with an internal struggle of self.

FFO: Paramore, Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly

On first listen and watch of Alex Andra’s official music video for ‘Infliction’, it was very “Poppy” visually, and I don’t mean poppy as in pop music, but more like the American singer songwriter and “post-genre/experimental nu metal” musician Poppy. Alex Andra takes that kind of dark, intense and slightly uneasy feeling in the ‘Infliction’ music video, with the dark but also bright colours, and the beautiful but dramatic visuals we see. The music video definitely shows the contrasts and struggle evident in the song. Alex Andra is a lot more punk defined, musically, because of the guitars and drums in this song, compared to Poppy’s music.

Alex Andra spoke about the meaning behind the song in a press release:

“Whilst offering its riches, it is also a vessel used to exploit, dehumanize, bully and capitalise on our very human desire to be loved by the wider public. For me personally, growing up wanting to be like the stars on television, social media seemed to provide a platform to build my own stardom. It’s been a venture of determining self-worth & self-love, and doing my best to remain my true self whilst also somehow monetising my body, image and voice.”

“I am complicit in this relationship as my art only exists within its constraints. With a large, ever changing engine like social media, will we, the people, ever gain control over the wheel?”

The idea of showcasing the unhealthy relationship people having with social media is something almost everyone can relate to, including posting because you feel like you have to, and it’s not because you want to. Social Media sometimes feels like job and a burden that can affect people’s real offline lives.

‘Infliction’ is a very fast-paced and dramatic song. I love the build up within this track because it reminds me of like the final scenes of a superhero movie. The song is on the same page as Paramore and Stand Atlantic, with those pretty strong belting vocals over that bouncing pop-punk mosh pit of a band. Alex Andra’s voice has huge range, the high notes are fierce but also flawless. It will be very interesting to watch Alex Andra grow as an artist.

‘Infliction’ is out right now! If you are feeling like some heavy dramatic music go have a listen and maybe a cry (just kidding about that second part, I mean… unless you want to listen and cry together… 😉).

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