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3 Bands that NEED to play an Emo Boat Party

If you are a Melbournian you might be familiar with the Misery! Emo Boat Parties (Not sponsored, but should be!), and yes it is as fun as it sounds with live bands and emo DJ's. Today we will be looking at 3 bands that need to get their pirate booty's to play on this boat.

These boat parties first kicked off in Oct 2019 with Thornhill and support band Tapestry, and the most previous boat party (before pandemic venue restrictions) in Feb 2020 featured The Beautiful Monument and Stuck Out with support from Bad/Love and Reside.

Just a few things to note about the Emo Boat Parties:

  • The roof is low, crowd surfing is not recommended, unless you want a concussion.

  • You would not believe how spacious the backstage green room is unless you saw it for your own eyes *wink wink*.

  • and YES the stage is soo close to the barrier it will make your intimacy issues act up.

Anyways, let's get back to which bands NEED to play an Emo boat party, I repeat, NEED to play an Emo Boat Party. Here are the bands and the reasons behind why they should take to the aquatic stage.

1. Snark

Snark, because their name rhymes with shark! (Legit though!) Oh and they are a pretty cool punk-rock trio from Melbourne. Their latest single 'Wasted' is truly fitting for an emo boat party might I point out, cause that's what everyone is gonna be by the end of the night (wasted)! Snark's latest single 'Wasted' is very grungy and very guitar heavy, the band's sound can be likened to Blink 182, Sum 41 and a little bit of Yellowcard. Snark's new single 'Wasted' is out now, and their debut Ep. is set to be released in Sept later this year.

2. Nautical Mile

You would hope that this four piece pop-punk band from Perth has some boating experience, as their name (according to Google) is "a unit used in measuring distances at sea". So, in theory they should be able to set the boat party route and share captain-ship. Nautical Mile toured across Australia on their debut album 'The Only Way is Through' late last year. Nautical Mile sounds like a mix between an angry Fall Out Boy, with touch of The Amity Affliction/ Silverstein and a sprinkle of Trophy Eyes. Nautical Mile's track 'Marionette' is definitely the song you want to start your Nautical Mile music journey with.

And last but not least...

3. Stand Atlantic

Cause where else would you rather be than sipping on Coffee (Espresso Martini's shh!) at Midnight with Bonnie and the boys across the (definitely not the Atlantic) Ocean. To find out more about what Stand Atlantic have been up to there is a review of their latest Ep. 'Jurassic Park' right here on the Moody Music Blog just click on the image below.

And there you have it the 3 bands that NEED to play an Emo Boat Party!


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